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NASA Human Space Flight Web Site

1998 was a year of incredible achievements for NASA that featured John Glenn´s triumphant return to space and the commencement of assembly of the International Space Station.

In preparation for these activities, Sinapps led a team of NASA contractors in developing the Human Spaceflight web site. As the official source of space flight information, this site features a real-time orbital vehicle tracker, streaming videos, news releases and updates directly from Mission Control.

Sinapps´ information architecture and project management improved the public´s access to space related information, making the Human Spaceflight web site, NASA´s most popular web publication.

Produced while employed by NASA.

United Space Alliance Web Site

United Space Alliance, NASA´s prime contractor for Space Shuttle Operations, pioneered the delivery of real-time space data to the public via the internet.

Sinapps team members developed a web site that treated visitors to JAVA-enabled telemetry streams, pinpointing the Shuttle´s exact location while on orbit, as well as live streaming video transmitted directly from NASA´s Mission Control Center in Houston.

Featured on CNN and numerous space-related web publications, this innovative web site reached a record of one million hits per day in just two months of operation — without any advertising.

Produced while employed by United Space Alliance.

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