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The Space Shuttle Academy

To commemorate the one-year anniversary of the Space Flight Operations Contract, United Space Alliance commissioned an interactive history of the Space Shuttle.

The CD-ROM contained a chronology of the first 80 flights with photos and videos as well as interactive tours of NASA facilities and an educational Mission Control Game.

USA has pressed and distributed over 20,000 copies of this CD-ROM, which won a best of show award at the SWSW show in Austin, Texas, and was featured in "In Your Face, Too," a graphic design showcase book.

Produced while employed by United Space Alliance.

100 Shuttle Flights

Developed for distribution during the 100th Space Shuttle mission, the Space Shuttle Encyclopedia CD-ROM chronicles the first 100 flights of the world´s only reusable spacecraft.

Complete with videos, panoramic tours and detailed flight information, this CD-ROM used an innovative distributed web-based publishing approach to populate a database with over 500 separate articles of information.

Now in its third printing, this CD-ROM has been reproduced by NASA and other space advocacy organizations.

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