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Astronaut Trading Cards

United Space Alliance, NASA´s prime contractor for Space Shuttle operations, was working with NASA to create educational materials to help increase awareness of the space program and was looking for an innovative communications vehicle to reach children with their message.

The astronaut trading cards, developed by Sinapps, became an instant hit in the education community. Portraying the astronauts and payloads, these cards were produced for every flight starting with STS-76.

The cards were embraced by both the education community and the astronaut corps with United Space Alliance producing and distributing over 10,000 card sets per flight.

Produced while employed by United Space Alliance.

John Glenn Fact Sheet

John Glenn´s return to space was a public relations windfall for NASA. The first American to orbit the Earth was to return to space as part of a space shuttle crew to study the effects of microgravity on aging.

With increased public attention being focused on a space shuttle mission, NASA turned to Sinapps designers to update the look of their supplemental materials for the media. Designed to resemble a magazine ad, the John Glenn fact sheet became an instant success. After the flight, NASA adopted the format for it´s future fact sheet publications.

Produced while employed by NASA.

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